Our mentoring program supports newcomers (international people) learning process and transition by providing informal interaction with local people. Volunteer mentors connect with their mentee a few times a month. Scheduling is flexible and allows for the mentor and the mentee to arrange meeting times spontaneously.

What to expect?

  • Invite newcomers  to interact with the mentor in social gathering settings such as family gathering, community events, sports, and other social networking activities.
  • Provide interactive platforms for English learners to practice their language skills and learn about the local culture
  • Encourage newcomers as they transition into the work place, school and local community
  • Provide opportunities for newcomers to build new friendships
  • Connect with a newcomer a few times a month for about 1 hour at each meeting

Who volunteers?

The mentoring program attracts multi-generations and diverse groups of people, who are fluent in the English language. We have young working professionals, college students, young couples and middle-age couples, teenagers team up with their mom or dad, retired individuals, and stay-at-home moms. Mentors are required to have a vulnerable sector police check.    Apply to be a Mentor


Who can applying for a mentor?

International Students – Immigrants – Temporary Foreign Workers – Long-term Visitors to Canada – Holiday workers. Apply for a Mentor!