Kayaking at Echodale Boat Lake

Summer activities to choose from include: soccer kick-around, frisbee, biking, swimming, walks and more activities you can do while maintaining a social distance . Lunch and snacks will be provided (all prepackaged from a restaurant or the store).

From 10:30am - 4pm @ Echodale

  • $10.00 | Individual Adult Pass  
  • $25.00 | 4-6 People Family Pass (family with kids only)
  • $15.00 | 2-3 People Family Pass (Guardian with kids)

You don’t want to miss this day trip! Join our Facebook group to stay in touch and be part of our community. We’ll meet all participants at the Echo Dale Boat Lake (on the other side of the swim lake) at 10:30am.

We'll ensure all necessary health precautions are adhered to throughout the event

Stay at home if you have symptoms, click to see details here