Barefoot Soccer



Saturday, June 8th 11am

Kin Coulee Park

Our Barefoot Soccer Tournament provides opportunities for soccer players and fans to support local and international charities.

It’s a five-a-side coed tournament with usually about 6 – 8 teams.

The winners of the tournament take pride in winning-to-give to a cause.

How to Join

Form a Team

Create a team name–Recruit 10 players (teams must be coed)– $250 for registration($25 per player).

Complete an online form or email to request a team application.

Register to Join a Team

If you would like to play and don’t have a team, sign up here and you’ll be assigned to a team.

Support the Cause

You can donate funds. Come watch the games. Stop by with your friends or family and buy some food. All proceeds will go to charity.

100% of registration fees will go to support aboriginal people in Costa Rica and sponsor local youth in sports

Projects We've Supported with Barefoot Soccer Initiative